Shen Zhen NARI Technology Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in: 110KV and the integrated automation system of substation integrated automation system, power plants, hydropower station integrated automation system, dispatching integrated automation system, industrial automation control system, high harmonic suppression system, microcomputer five protection system, intelligent power instrument, microcomputer automatic elimination system, intelligent switch DC power system, harmonic eliminating arc and overvoltage protection devices such as research, production, sales and service. The company's continuous development for different user requirements of the various series, all kinds of electric automation products, efforts to pursue, and strive to do the domestic industry with the optimal cost-effective products.
     The company has always been to "people-oriented, to Germany for the first" as enterprise development foundation, emphasize the interests of employees and the enterprise, the company brought together a group of electric power system and automation, computer application, automatic control and communication technology, harmonic improvement technology elite specialists. Highly educated, high-quality, professional personnel to make rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements into realistic productivity. Strive to create the domestic first-class automation industry leader brand.
     The company always adhere to the "quality first" principle, quality control runs through each link from research and development to production process, to ensure that the entire production process in a controlled state. Strict product testing system, testing means perfect, good pre-sales, after service in. Companies in strict accordance with the ISO9001 certification requirements for quality, has won: automation Chinese power ten strong enterprises, the credibility of the quality of service, AAA enterprise, China famous brand, quality service of dual protection model units.
Service China power, creating the world's brand, Shenzhen Nari country by virtue of its own strength has been serving in the various industries, part a: Shaanxi electric power transmission and transformation project, Zhuhai Zhanjiang 35KV substation, the Anshan Iron and steel, Shanghai Baosteel, the king of Henan coal mine, Shanxi coal Hangzhuang Luan coal mine, Shanxi coal mine, Liaoyang Shenhua Qinxin, cement, Luo Molybdenum Group, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Henan Shuicheng Zhang chemical Yima mine, power transmission from west to East, Beijing Fuzhou, Zunyi Power Supply Bureau, China Southern Power Grid, the Three Gorges Project and other large projects.
     Shen Zhen NARI insists that "always maintain the strategic leading" corporate philosophy, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, constantly breakthrough self! Grasp the development of industry and industry trends, diligently strive after improving product quality, adhere to reform and innovation, strive for continuous improvement. The company was established over the years, relying on talent advantage, technological innovation and good management system, research and development, marketing, engineering services to obtain the full scale development. Committed to the development of national high-tech industry, and constantly strive for excellence, to make more contributions to the development of Chinese power, is the state power Nari pursues forever